Worst NBA Free Throw Shooters: Why They Sucked

In close game situations wherein a player misses a foul shot, fans scream at them saying that they are the worst free throw shooters ever, but wait until you see this list of the 5 worst NBA free throw shooters in history.

  1. Ralph Wells: You've probably never heard of this guy but it doesn't matter. The reason why he is our worst free throw shooter is the fact that he never made a free throw in his career.
  2. Kim Hughes: Another guy you've probably never heard of, but Hughes is just like the other player on our list. It doesn't matter if you've never heard of him. He is our number two worst free throw shooter ever because his career average was 33 percent.
  3. Garfield Smith: Yet another player you probably haven’t heard of, Garfield Smith is our number three worst free throw shooter in the history of the NBA with career averages of 30 percent.
  4. Ben Wallace: Finally, a player you've probably heard of is Ben Wallace. He is our number four worst free throw shooter in NBA history with a career average of 41.7 percent.
  5. Wilt Chamberlain: Here is another player you've probably heard of. Wilt Chamberlain is our number 5 worst free throw shooter of all-time. His career free throw percentage is 51.1 percent.

So next time you are watching a game that is going down to the wire and a player misses the free-throws that could have won the game, do not be screaming that this guy is the worst free-throw shooter ever unless he is one of these five players.


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