Worst Places to Meet Women

Curious about the worst places to meet women? Dudes who have half a brain and are reasonably good looking but still have problems scoring chicks might just be going to the worst places to meet women. It would seem obvious that in order to meet women you would want to go where many women go. But this is not always a productive endeavor. Sometimes the downfall of a place crowded with chicks is the quality of women (or lack thereof) or the type of women that congregate there. Believe it or not, a room crowded with females may actually be one of the worst places to meet women. Here are a few examples:

  1. Lesbian bars. Sure, there is ordinarily a zero to 50 man-woman ratio in female-oriented gay bars, and you can often find some very attractive lipstick lesbians among the lumberjacks, but this is definitely one of the worst places to meet women. Unless, of course, you are just looking to be ridiculed and slapped around by male-bashing feminists. But hey, you can get that at the straight bars.
  2. Weight-loss meetings. Oh, you’ll meet women there for sure! Large, hungry women. If you’re down for slappin’ ass and riding waves, then this may work for you. But if you don’t consider yourself a chubby chaser, then you won’t want to meet women at these meetings.
  3. Transgender bars. With today’s top quality cosmetics and genetic alterations, a guy can’t be too careful about accidentally stumbling upon a transgender bar and being fooled by all the lovely “ladies” he might meet. Even in times of desperation where there’s nowhere else to turn, a transgender bar is the worst place to meet women for a straight guy.
  4. Homeless shelters. It would seem like a good idea to meet women at a homeless shelter. There are plenty of women with interesting stories that are probably willing to put out if you buy them dinner. On the other hand, they probably won’t do much primping for your date.
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