Worst Presidents Ever

When searching for the worst Presidents ever, it is important to understand there have been many great men who have led the United States of America throughout the years. Regardless of political parties, the true measure of a President is what he accomplished in office. Here is a look at men who left a blemish during their time in office.

  1. James Buchanan – Easily, the worst President ever, James Buchanan refused to challenge slavery and is partially responsible for the formation of the Confederacy in the South. He believed that the President had no power to stop states from seceding from the nation, which led directly to the Civil War.
  2. Warren G. Harding – Warren Harding knew he was one of the worst Presidents ever, saying at one point he did not belong in office. Harding’s biggest downfall was turning a blind eye while his friends began to manipulate and steal from the Government under his watch.
  3. Andrew Johnson – Andrew Johnson took over as President after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and is one of the worst Presidents ever. Before his term, he was a strong advocate of the northern plan for Reconstruction but after becoming President opposed the Fourteenth Amendment.
  4. Franklin Pierce – Franklin Pierce was a northerner but held southern beliefs. He is one of the worst Presidents ever who wanted to expand the nation by adding more slave states. He repealed the Missouri Compromise and wanted to forcibly annex Cuba as another slave state.
  5. Millard Fillmore – Millard Fillmore took over as President after Zachary Taylor died and went against what the former President believed in, specifically on the topic of slaves. He remains one of the worst Presidents ever because of his reluctance to see slavery as a moral question.
  6. Richard Nixon – Richard Nixon earns a spot as one of the worst Presidents ever because Watergate effectively destroyed the innocence of the nation in their outlook on the U.S. President. Nixon did great things, helping end the Vietnam War and opening relations with China but was forced to resign, crippling his work.
  7. Ulysses S. Grant – Ulysses S. Grant was a national hero, helping the Union win the Civil War. While he worked hard to make racial reform in the South he remains one of the worst Presidents ever thanks to the corruption that arose while he was in office, an error in his judgment more than a crime of intent on his part.
  8. John Tyler – John Tyler was the first vice president to take over as President after the death of William Harrison. He became known as one of the worst Presidents ever when he turned on his party’s beliefs, causing his entire cabinet to resign and he had to fight impeachment proceedings.
  9. Herbert Hoover – Herbert Hoover came into office at the start of the Great Depression and, while he passed laws to help, never agreed to provide relief. Instead, Hoover signed into law a tariff act that made the Great Depression even worse, becoming one of the worst Presidents ever and a hated man to many Americans.
  10. Zachary Taylor – Zachary Taylor was a soldier and patriot but was not as educated as a U.S. President needs to be. He remains one of the worst Presidents ever thanks to his opposition to the Compromise of 1850 which precipitated the start of the Civil War. He died shortly thereafter while still in office.
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