Worst Songs Ever

Here's a look at the worst songs ever made. There are some songs that make you cringe every time they hit the airwaves, these are those songs. Lets marvel at the awfulness of those tunes.

  1. "My First Kiss" and every other song by Ke$ha. One of the great mysteries of the world, how did this girl score a record deal? With her mind-numbingly dumb lyrics accompanied by a voice that would cause downright laughter among the "American Idol" Judges. Ke$ha earns a special top billing on this list thanks to her releasing a consistently terrible song every time.
  2. "The Way I Are" by Timbaland. In  a generation that has been suffering in English skills thanks to their lack of completing anything more than a text, this song introduces another entry into the downfall. "The Way I Are" is a song filled with so many grammatical problems, but the title itself is the most exhaustingly improper use of speech. Is it too much to sing a song that actually makes sense?
  3.  "The Thong Song" by Sisqo. There was a time when this song was everywhere. No one seemed to question why a song about a woman's undergarment became so successful, but it was. The now obscure Sisqo sang with utter conviction as if he was actually making quality music, but the song is truly terrible.
  4. "Who let the Dogs out?" by the Baja Men. For a song that plays at most sporting events, it isn't that bad, but this song was released on the radio and actually sold a lot of albums. The song is annoying and doesn't really have much to say. This may be a meaningful song for employees of the dog pound, but for a mass audience, it is pretty bad. After a decade later, did we ever actually find out who let those damn dogs out?
  5.  "Liquid Dreams" by O-town– There was a time when boy-bands were the hottest thing around. Even those who claimed to despise them somehow knew all the lyrics to at least one Nsync or Backstreet Boys tune. Those were the two groups we can look back on fondly and admit to enjoying their catchy hits. There were a slew of imitators that followed, the worst offender of them all was O-Town. A band that was created right before our eyes on the ABC show "Making the Band". The boy-band template was fulfilled, but not executed quite the way they had hoped. The song "Liquid Dreams" may have appeared regularly on "TRL" but that doesn't make it right. The music alone could cause anyone to go insane, but the worst part is clearly that it is a song about having a wet dream. There is no reason to write a song about such an adolescent commonality in order to appeal to those same adolescence that are your target audience.
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