Worst Wrestling Moves

Learning about the worst wrestling moves can help you avoid them. Wrestling is exciting and entertaining. It’s filled with awesome electrifying moves that will have you on the edge of your seat. Amongst all the chanting and incredible moves you will encounter, you will also encounter some of the worst wrestling moves there are. That might leave you speechless with the thoughts in your mind what was he thinking, when he did that wrestling move.

  1.  Stink face. There is nothing worst then a man rubbing his big stinky butt in another man’s face. You would be embarrassed for the wrestler who has to endure something so humiliating. This by far is one of the worst and most ridiculous wrestling moves there are.

  2.  Head butt.  Grabbing your opponent's head and ramming your head into it may not be so bad; except for one problem. You may be the one with a splitting headache, using your own head as a tool to inflict pain. You might not think this is a terrible wrestling move until you attempt it and wakeup seeing stars.

  3. Leg drop. You would have to be pretty quick to pull this wrestling move off. Perhaps your opponent is too stunned to move out of harm’s way. Just don’t expect your opponent to lie on the mat while you bring one or two legs down across his body, trying to flatten him like a pancake. What would be the point of doing this move, obviously your opponent is already knocked out or he would roll out the way. 

  4.  Sleeper hold. Remember wrestling is supposed to be entertaining. How boring it would be to watch one wrestler choke hold another wrestler until he passes out. The worst thing that could happen is you cut-off your opponents air, with realizing it. Until you notice he’s turning blue or appears to be lifeless.

  5.  Back breaker. This is one of the worst wrestling moves if you don’t know what you are doing. You are down on your knees with one knee in the chair position. You grab your opponent and bring his back down across your knee. You can seriously injure your opponent’s back if you put too much force behind this wrestling move.

Wrestling is always exciting to watch and even more thrilling to be on the mat entertaining. You want to hear cheers because of your electrifying wrestling moves. Not boos because you are performing some of the worst wrestling moves there is.

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