Would You Rather Questions

A lot of people ask would you rather questions for fun, a game, or just because. You might or might not like them, but always knowing some is essential. This is because when you’re hit with one of them from a friend, you can come back with another one. This allows you to keep the chain of questions going.

  1. Shoot a cop or punch your mom. This is one that might offend your mom so make sure to stay far away if you answer her. This made the list because it is one of those what will he say questions.
  2. Cheat on someone or get cheated on. If your significant other asks you this question then you might not want to answer. The outcome might not be good, but for those of you who are brave enough the question was added to the list.
  3. Be 700 pounds and beautiful to everyone or be skinny and ugly to everyone. This might be something you want to ask your friend just because. You never know what the answer might be. It made the list because you might want to ask.
  4. Lick a frog or lick a dollar bill. This is one of those that you would want to ask, but might not want to know. That is why it made the list.
  5. Be a hobo or be in jail for a year .This is a funny would you rather question to ask. It made the list so you can laugh at the answer.
  6. Have swine flu or not be able to move for a year. This is one that really makes you think. This is why it was put on the list of would you rather questions.
  7. Go naked to school all day or fail a semester. This is a funny one that also makes you think when it is asked. You want to make sure you ask this when the time comes.
  8. Wear overalls for a month or not take a shower for a month. This is funny regardless of answer because they are both pretty funny. This allows you to trap your friend no matter what they answer which is why it made the list.
  9. Get married or have a kid. These are two pretty normal questions to be asked, and depending on your answer you might get a why. This is one of the milder would you rather questions.
  10. Eat a worm or build a house. This is something that puts the person in the spot when they want to put in back labor or do something pretty nasty. This is why it was put on the would you rather questions list. 
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