WOW Burning Crusade Nude Mod

The WoW Burning Crusade nude mod is more than just model-changing. If you’re of legal age and want to see some characters naked (females, males, or both) and, of course, some nude fighting,keep reading. 

  1. How It Works. The “WoW Burning Crusade” nude mod allows you to model-change. The patch is added into the data map in your game folders so that nude characters will be seen on your computer’s screen. You’ll see characters naked after they remove their clothes and armor. Early versions of the nude mod show the females of all the races naked, including succubus (with a strange skin tone), but no nude male characters. Nowadays, skins are of a higher quality and nude mods include skins for male characters as well.
  2. Blizzard’s Banning. Some of you may be afraid about being banned so let’s clear this issue up right away. WoW has a scanner called Warden that scans files in the installation folder. If it detects something strange (like model-changing), it sends a report to Blizzard. In the terms of use, it says that you can modify your interface in order to have a better game experience; however, using the nude patch is considered an offense and you can be banned for its use. It’s very unlikely that Warden will be able to track the nude mod, ao use the nude patch in a private server if you don't want to risk it.
  3. Download the Nude Mod. When looking for a nude mod over the internet, you’ll notice that there are few versions of it. You may find broken links to the first version of the patch, so if you want to go directly to the latest version. 
  4. Install the Mod. Once you finish downloading the zip file, open it and extract it into the “World of Warcraft” data folder. If you have trouble extracting the file to a specified location, extract it wherever you want to and then copy the file (there’s only one file). Now, locate the data folder of “World of Warcraft.” If it was installed in the default folder, enter “Program Files,” then open the “World of Warcraft” folder, and then open the “Data” folder. Paste the files here. After this, you can launch the game. If you have another version of WoW, you can have your nude mod too. Look for “WoW Nude Updated 1.11 Patch.”
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