Wow Cooking Guide


Cooking is an important skill to master in a virtual game like World of Warcraft (WoW). Not only does the food you cook restore mana—or health—but it can also boost your stamina, strengthen your spirit, and transform your character. For example, cooking and eating a ‘Dragonbreath Chili’ can give you the ability to breathe fire. Since there is no level requirement for cooking, your level 1 can quickly increase to a full 525 in cooking with just a few requirements.

1. Find or build a fire. You have to be at a fire in order to cook. Look around the area to find pre-built fires or make your own.

2. Collect the ingredients. To make a fire; you will need Tinder, Flint, and Simple Wood. You will only need one Tinder and Flint since it is never used fully. One Simple Wood is always used up for every fire, so having several on hand is beneficial.

3. Start a fire. Once these items are in your bags, you can then use your Basic Campfire ability. It can be found on the general tab of the spell book. If you do not have the ability, you have to visit a cooking trainer. The cooking trainer will give you the ability to build fires.

4. Read the recipe. Get the ingredients off the recipe of your choice prior to cooking the food. They can be found on animals that you slay or at shops placed throughout the game.

5. Open the spell book. Stand in front of the fire, and have the cooking window up from the spell book in the general tab.

6. Create food. Choose the food you would like to cook in this book, and then click on the create button.



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