Wrestling Agility Drills

Solid wrestling agility drills work the core muscles and fluidity of movement. Agility is all about speed, flexibility and maintaining body control. This article will outline the basic concept and routines you can implement to improve your wrestling agility.

  1. Crab Crawl: Since wrestling can put you on the mat under most circumstances, it is important to be quick from this position. Crab crawling will exercise these core muscle groups that are required to be agile from a four-point stance. Place both hands on the mat, while bending deep at the knees. You can start this drill with your knees but will want to rise to your toes to perform. The idea here is to move forward, backward and laterally from this posture. Make a large cross on the mat when performing this drill. Move out as quickly as possible and sustain movement for three minutes.
  2. Flip and Stand Drill: Another simplistic drill that requires no additional props or personnel support. For this drill you will begin on your back, knees bent. When ready, you will roll to one side and “jump” up and face your imaginary (or real) opponent in the ready position. The “jump” portion of this drill requires the use of the arms and legs to push the wrestler up onto his feet. Perform this drill, alternating left and right raises, for three minutes.
  3. Speed Ladder: Soccer and football use ladders to improve foot speed, control and movement, thus improving the overall agility of the player. Wrestling requires foot skill as well, and agility of the feet is an important tool for the wrestler. Layout the speed ladder on a wrestling mat (different consistency then ground) and approach the ladder in a run. The idea is to maneuver the madder without disrupting the rungs. Be sure to raise the knees high and work the ladder in a forward, backward and lateral position. Run the ladder in all directions for three minutes.
  4. Weight Training: An important tool for strengthening those muscles involved in agility movement for a wrestler. In this case, legs, lower back and arms are most important. Put together a standard routing for all areas. Some suggestions are bicep curls, triceps extensions, squats, leg curls and extensions and barbell twists. Weight training should alternate form other agility training that does not include weights.
  5. Jump Rope: Jump rope is the universal training drill for agility in several sports. Jump rope provides a cardiovascular workout as well as toning muscles and working the agility of the wrestler. Target at least one thousand jumps of the rope in succession. Incorporate this drill in with the top other drills and you have a solid day’s agility training.
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