Wrestling Moves Names

Are you unfamiliar with wrestling move names? Wrestling is a unique sport, requiring athleticism and great flexibility to perform wrestling moves with colorful names such as Arm Chop and The Granby. These are moves taught to college and high school wrestlers at all levels of the sport both as attacking and defensive measures. The move names are probably not nearly as entertaining as those found in professional wrestling—but then again, what is? According to USA Wrestling, here are some of the most interesting wrestling move names:

  1. Arm Chop. A basic set-up move, the Arm Chop is used by wrestlers to leverage a takedown. A wrestler literally "chops" his opponent's arms off his body to get into a snap down position.
  2. The Granby. Executed while in a tripod position on the ground, the Granby allows a wrestler to roll his opponent head-over-heels and escape in order to re-set the match.
  3. Fireman's Carry. Another attacking move, the Fireman's Carry involves a wrestler lifting his opponent over his head, rotating him over his shoulders and moving quickly into a chest-to-chest pinning position.
  4. Hip-Heist. Wrestlers execute the hip heist as a defensive measure to escape from a weaker prone position. The Hip-Heist involves the wrestler sliding his hips laterally away from his opponent and quickly rolling into the top position.
  5. The Kelly. A short offensive move, the Kelly is an excellent tactic wrestlers move when a larger offensive move misses. The Kelly requires a wrestler to bring his feet underneath him so he can begin running in a circle.
  6. Peekout. Another defensive move, the peekout allows wrestlers to move from underneath and roll an opponent over for further attack. The Peekout requires quick and aggressive feet movement.
  7. Seatbelt Single. Used from a standing position, the Seatbelt Single allows one wrestler to execute a takedown maneuver leveraging hands and feet. It involves tightly wrapping one arm around the opponent's waist and planting one leg between the opponent's legs.
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