Wrestling Running Drills

You want to get your heat pumping, so hear are some hardcore wrestling running drills. Like wrestling, running requires lots of stamina. Hence, a few running drills during the commence of training can help build up a your stamina, which can be very helpful when you are rolling on the matt. The key to performing these running drills is that since they are hardcore, you want to make sure you are incorporating it correctly into your training regime. For instance, don't go out too hard if you have a match the next day. Now that you have all of the basic knowledge, get ready to sweat with these death wrestling running drills!

  1. Accelerated Strides. Prepare for your first sweat with these great warm-up wrestling running drills. They are simple and will get you breathing hard, and they don't require to much energy in the beginning. Start off by jogging a 100 meters and sprinting 100 meters back to back for five minutes. If you aren't sweating by then, add on another five minutes.
  2. Butt Kicks. Get ready to have your butt kicked with this fun wrestling drill. For five to ten minutes, run while kicking your leg up to your butt. Be sure to have good posture and to increase speed as your body get adjusted.
  3. Kick Outs. Release some of your tension with this creative running drill where you are required to kick your knee up and kick out your lower leg. Perform on both legs, and drill for five minutes. Be sure that no one is in front of you while you are drilling this exercise–save the but kicking for when you are on the matt rolling.
  4. Fireman's Carry. Have a lot fun with this advanced wrestling running drill that calls for you to carry your training partner while running. You will get tired quickly, which is why you all will take turns. If you really want to make it more fun, add a few steps to this regime.
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