Wrestling Shooting Drills

Although actually practicing live wrestling is critical to becoming a good wrestler, using isolated wrestling shooting drills is also important. They allow you to practice specific aspects of your shot without the pressure of a resisting opponent, gradually enhancing your speed, power, drive and technique. Some simple wrestling shooting drills are described below.

  1. Knee Drive Drill. Perform a penetration step and knee drive. With your knee planted on the matt, drag your other leg up all the way through until the knee of that leg is planted on the matt and the first leg is up (you should never rise all the way off the matt). Continue this motion across the matt and back.
  2. Alternating Shot Drill. Perform a penetration step and knee drive. Drag your back leg up, but instead of planting it to complete the shot, step it all the way in front of you and stand up in the opposite stance from the one you started in, then shoot again. Continue this motion across the matt and back, shooting first with one leg leading, then with the other leg leading.
  3. Alternating Shot Drill with turn. Perform a penetration step and knee drive. Drag your back leg up and plant it to the side with proper double leg technique. Drive up hard and take one step to the opposite side, as if you were turning the corner on an imaginary partner. Continue this motion across the matt, alternating lead legs.
  4. Shoot-Through Drill. This is a partner drill. Your partner will stand straight with his feet wide apart. You will perform a low shot through his legs, stand up, turn around, and shoot back, as quickly as possible. This drill can be performed back and forth, alternating the person shooting and the person standing, or one person can shoot for an entire period.
  5. Grab Drill. This is also a partner drill. Two wrestlers square off as usual, but instead of actually fighting for the takedown and pin, you are simply trying to grab your partner's knee, while blocking and sprawling to prevent their partner from grabbing your knee. In addition to being a great speed and reflexes drill, this is also great footwork practice.
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