Wrestling Singlets For Men

If you are a man who loves to wrestle, you will want to have one of the best wrestling singlets for men. If you want to be a great wrestler, you will need a great wrestling singlet. Being comfortable and looking good important things that you will want in a wrestling singlet. Make a statement buy wearing one of these best wrestling singlets for men.

  1. Adidas Senior T8 Wrestling Singlet. This wrestling singlet for men comes in a variety of colors for wrestlers to choose from. The trademark Adidas stripes that run up the side of the singlet makes this a very cool looking singlet. The high cut and hemmed legs on this singlet makes it very easy for the wrestler to move around.
  2. Brute Rogue AVT. Since it is made from a very strong lycra material, this wrestling singlet for men is made to last a long time. One of the best things about this singlet is that it is made of a antimicrobial fabric which reduces the amount of bacteria that can build up in it. The gripper elastic legs on this keeps the material snug against the wrestlers legs.
  3. ASICS MensFeud Wrestling Singlets. Even though this is a very reasonably priced wrestling singet, it gives a man excellent muscle support while he is wrestling. To help reduce chafing this wrestling singlet has flat seam stitching. Wrestlers like that they can quickly move around in this singlet, because it is made of nylon and spandex materials.
  4.  Brute Ireland Sublimated International Wrestling Singlet. If you are Irish and proud of it, you will defiantly want to have this awesome singlet. This singlet is green, white, and orange, which are the colors of the Irish flag. A large green Irish cross is also featured on the singlet.
  5. Brute 2Xvr Reversible Wrestling Singlet. When you want to have two different colored singlets, you won't need to spend the money of two of them. Owning this wrestling singlet is like owning two separate singlets, because it is reversible. This singlet is quad length. The black trim around the neck, arms, and legs gives this singlet a very sleek look.
  6. Cliff Keen Freestyle USA Sublimated Wrestling Singlet. This wrestling singlet for men fit men who weigh up two-hundred and eighty pounds. The singlet comes in either blue or read. Wrestlers like that it says USA on the front of it. Wrestlers also like that the fabric on this singlet transfers moisture away from their bodies.
  7. Brute Force High Cut Lycra Wrestling Singlet. The contracting leg and neck trim on this men's wrestling singlet is it a very distinctive look. In order to ensure a secure fit, this singlet has gripper elastic around the legs on the singlet. This quad length singlet is very comfortable, because it is made of nylon and Lycra spandex.
  8. Brute Okie Hig Cut Lycra Wrestling Singlet. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you will want to get this wrestling singlet. The best thing about this singlet is that it still looks like it is new even after it has been washed and worn several times.
  9. Adidas Wrestling Lehigh.  Adidas is known for making great sports gear, so it is no surprise that another one of their singlest makes the list of the best wrestling singlets for men. Besides the signatures Adidas stripes running up the side, this single also has the Adidas log its leg.
  10. Mens ASICS Solid Modified Singlet. Nothing is more annoying to a wrestler than a singlet that keeps bulging out. This wrestling singlet for men fits great, because the stitching on it lays flat. This singlet give the wrestler's muscles a lot of support, because it is made of a heavyweight fabric.
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