Wrestling Submission Holds

If you're trying to get yourself ready for your next match, check out this list of wrestling submission holds. Generally speaking, submission holds are used to try and end a wrestling match. You will probably have to spar with your opponent first, waiting for an opportune time to unleash your move. These wrestling submission holds are designed to get your opponent in a position he cannot get out of, ensuring you walk away with a victory.

  1. Shoulder Lock. One of the easiest wrestling submission holds to learn, simply hold your opponent's shoulder while simultaneously lifting up on his head. Although effective, the shoulder lock is easier to counter than more complex wrestling submission holds.
  2. Guard. A guard can be used as a wrestling submission hold, and it can also be used as a counter attack if your opponent has you in a hold of his own. There are numerous variations of the guard submission hold—full, closed, open, half, butterfly, spider, X, and de la riva—but each one has you on your back using your legs to subdue your opponent.
  3. Mount. The mount is the opposite of the guard. You are positioned on top of your opponent, and just like the guard submission hold, there are several variants—top, rear, side, reverse, and scarf. However, whereas the guard positions depend on how you cradle your opponent with your legs, the mount positions depend on how your opponent is facing you.
  4. Leg Lock. Your opponent must be on the ground to perform this wrestling submission hold. Grab your opponents' right leg. Bend the left leg so the foot lies on his right knee. Although this move is similar to the shoulder lock, it is much harder to counter and puts a greater amount of strain and pressure on your opponent.

When executed properly, all of these wrestling submission holds are safe to use in a match. However, make sure you've practiced before trying them out, to ensure you and your opponent have a fun, competitive, and safe match.



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