Wrestling Technique For Beginners

You want to become a better wrestler, so here are a few tips on wrestling techniques for beginners. Technique coupled with other factors such as strength and agility will serve you well on the matt. This article takes a look at wrestling technique for beginning wrestling in folk style and freestyle wrestling. 

  1. Have a solid wrestling stance. This is a fundamental basic technique for beginners. You can accomplish this by first, keeping your elbows to your side. This prevents your opponents from certain takedowns and it also sets you up for a good defense. Second, make sure your head is up. If your head is down, it will be easy to get caught off guard. Third, keep your elbows bent, your hands open, and squat down just a little bit. Mastering a good wrestling stance is required for an entry level competition. 
  2. Know what moves you are going to execute. Having a strategic plan is a wrestling technique that benefit all levels of wrestlers. However, since beginning wrestlers are just becoming exposed to the array of wrestling moves like the "fireman's carry," "peterson," or "russian armbar," it may not be possible to develop a detailed plan on what moves you will execute in a match. Therefore, the best way to go about this technique is to have a a few moves you feel comfortable with and try to do it in a match.
  3. Apply weight to your opponent when you sprawl. A simple sprawl is enough to avoid a takedown. However, if you want to get two extra points, apply weight to your opponent to keep him down, keep him in the head lock, circle around and get behind them. This is a simple wrestling technique for beginners that will take you long ways.
  4. Use power penetration for all of your setups and moves. Power penetration refers to strength. This coupled with technique will bring your desired results. For instance, when you are in referee position on top and you are about to break your opponent down, drive him with all of your force. When you are doing a single or double leg, be sure that you have strong group on your opponent. 
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