Wrestling Training Drills

Wrestling training drills run the spectrum of possibilities. Drills are dependent on the type of training you are looking for or the area of development you have targeting. For example, there are numerous training drills for agility, grappling, shooting, throws and so on. This article will look at the basic wrestling training drills for conditioning and match preparedness.

  1. Stretching Drills: maybe you don’t feel this is a big deal but know that most injuries come from a wrestler not being nimble, flexible and stretched. Stretching drills should come before any activity including a match. These drills are simple stretches that will loosen up the upper and lower body quickly and effortlessly. Each one of these stretches should be done in three sets of ten. Knee bends with hands on sides, back stretch, place hands on hips and bend backwards as far as you can. Forward stretch, hand on him and bend forward as far as you can, arm stretches, place your arm behind your hard and with the other hand push towards your head and neck stretches, simply move the neck from side to side and up and down until you feel the stretch.
  2. Weight Drills: A vital aspect of the routine and drills for a wrestler is weight training. Weights play an important part in any drill a wrestler may encounter. Wrestling frankly is a full body sport and requires all the core muscle groups to be successful. Develop drills or routines in weight training that concentrate on upper and then lower body. Alternate this training during the course of the week. Areas of extreme concentration should be biceps (curls and crunches), triceps (extensions), chest (inclines), back (lats), shoulders (lifts) and legs (extensions, curls and squats). The goal is fitness, strength and muscle development so don’t be afraid to bulk-up.
  3. Conditioning Drills: Roll any combination of traditional conditioning into your routine for wrestling. Endurance is an important aspect of wrestling. Three minute stints can be grueling and being out of shape is a certain match killer. Some universal condition drills for wrestlers include long distance running (nice road jog over five miles). Jumping rope will work cardiovascular as well as agility of the wrestler (target one thousand jumps per set). Swimming is an excellent conditioning drill that works the entire body physically as well as cardiovascular (fifty laps alternating styles i.e. freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke etc.). Conditioning drills can be rolled into your routine at anytime and can be a daily event, unlike weight drills.
  4. Other Drills: As a wrestler there are many things you can do to work your game. Some additional basic and non-specific drills can include the following, which you can fold in with any of your routines. Medicine ball, this training requires the dropping of the ball on the abdomen, the lifting and slamming of the ball ion the ground or the quick passing between wrestlers as the line up back to back. Sit-ups and push-ups are excellent workout drills that a wrestler should install in their routine. Target one hundred each for every set. A final drill to consider is sparring. There really is no substitute for lining up across from another wrestler and working your technique.
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