Wrestling Training Tips

As you prepare your son or daughter, or perhaps yourself, for the new and upcoming wrestling season, there are going to be specific wresting training tips you or your coaches will feel are necessary for a successful wrestling season. Here are a few suggestions and optimistic wrestling tips for the training season.

  1. Running and cardio care. Running is a great way to get your heart pumping and improve your cardiovascular standing. Not too many people think about the impact the overall health of your heart can have on your wrestling performance. As you create any workout routine, be sure to work this particular wrestling training tip into your routine gently. Start with two to three miles every other day setting a goal of four miles three times a week.
  2. Lifting. When it comes to weight lifting and wresting training tips it will be important to find what works for you, and have a spotter or weight lifting coach to guide you. As you are lifting through pre-season, wrestlers should consider weight lifting with heavier weights but less repetition at three days a week.
  3. Try to use different tips for wrestling training and experiment with different lifting techniques. Moves such as the full-body lift or the clean and jerk and hang-clean are great training tips for wrestlers. Weight lifting is one of the few wrestling training tips that make it past the first season for some. Often times, wrestlers will opt for rope climbing or tugging for upper arm strength. This is something you will want to discuss with your wrestling trainer.
  4. Stretching. Whether you are the wrestler or the wrestling coach, stretching will always be your key defense from injury. What most don’t know is that proper stretching added to your wrestling training regimen will also become one of your greatest tools in wrestling on the mat. Though they have proven successful, they often times remain a hushed secret in the world of wrestling training tips.
  5. Work through your off season, stretch daily and before and after every workout sessions. Here are some multi-joint wrestling training tips and stretches to work on year round: multiple sets of squats, reverse hyper-extensions, weighted dips, closed grip inclined bar-bell presses, trap bar dead lifts.

Always remember that any wrestling training tips that you may receive from friends, co-wrestlers, online and coaches may not always be certified or recommended in different situations. Your body will always give warning signs of fatigue, injury or strain. Pay attention to your wrestling coaches, and more importantly your own body. Lastly, for mental reinforcement remember this famous quote: "Victory comes at a price. The question we must ask ourselves is: What are we willing to pay?"

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