Wrestling Weightlifting Workouts

Wrestling weightlifting workouts contain various exercises for building upper and lower body strength and muscle endurance. Wrestling weightlifting workouts for wrestlers should focus largely on working out muscles to resist exhaustion for as long as possible. This wrestling weightlifting workouts is good for a three days a week, supplementing cardio and plyometrics on the off-wrestling weightlifting workouts days. Do not do weightlifting on back to back days.

  1. Complete a weekly lower body workout for strong legs, glutes and calves. Wrestling weightlifting workouts that include a lower body workout will help your legs assist you when your opponent is looking to take you down. This workout should include at least eight of the following exercises:  Power cleans dead lifts, lunges, push press, leg curls, leg extensions, leg press, pelvic thrusts, weight squats, jump squats, wide stance squats, step ups and calf raises. To build muscle mass complete four sets of each exercise with a six to eight repetition.
  2. Complete a weekly upper body workout for arms and shoulders. Wrestling weightlifting workouts that include a upper body day will help you build strong arms and shoulder that will give you maximum strength in helping you pin down an opponents. An upper body wrestling weightlifting workout should include at least eight of the following exercises: Bench press, lat pull downs, dips, bent over rows, pec deck, military press, chin ups, shrugs, triceps kickbacks, push-ups and barbell curls. This wresting weightlifting workout should also consist of four sets of each exercise with six to eight repetitions.
  3. Complete a weekly total body workout. A wrestling weightlifting workout should include a weekly total body workout. Start with the lower body and work up. An example of a total body wrestling weightlifting workout would be as follows: weighted squats, high step ups, pushups, seated row, shoulder press, chin-ups and ab crunches. Complete one set, ten to twelve repetitions of each exercise, resting one minute after each exercise.



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