Wrist Piercing Care

Learn about proper wrist piercing care to avoid an infection. Getting a wrist piercing is a very unique place to get a wrist tattoo and is a more individualist place to get a tattoo. But when you decide to get a tattoo on your wrist, one thing you want to make sure of is that you take good care of it. You also want to be aware of what to look for in case of an infection. For the right person wrist piercing's show some of your individual personality, but it's not worth having a wrist piercing go bad.

What you need for wrist piercing care:

  • After care solution
  • Salt water rinse
  • Maybe after care lotion
  1. Antiseptic solution for your ears. The salon where you get your wrist piercing should give you after care cleaning solution to help keep your wrist piercing clean and aid in healing. They will probably tell you to use it around twice a day and give you other ideas on how to aid in healing your wrist piercing.
  2. Using salt water. Salt water is not just good for cuts in your mouth that hurt, it can also aid in healing your wrist piercing. Poor a very small (shot glass size) of warm salt water over your wrist piercing or cup it over your wrist piercing so the salt water soaks the piercing and then let the water out. This is supposed to help the blood circulation in your piercing and therefor help with healing.
  3. A little aftercare lotion. The two ideas should help quite a bit. But you can also use after care lotion. After care lotion can be applied with clean dry hands to the area around the wrist piercing after you have cleaned it with the solution. You don't necessarily have to use it though.
  4. Using common sense. When you get a wrist piercing, be gentle to it. Don't rush in to expecting your wrist piercing to heal too fast. Try to maintain activities that will not slow the healing of your wrist piercing. It's ok to have some puss. A lot of the solution and salt water will take care of cleaning that and still help healing.

You may be exited to add your wrist piercing to the collection of other piercings you might already have. But remember that our bodies are not accustomed to having holes put into them. Even our ears that are so commonly pierced and the nose piercings that seem to be becoming more popular need time to adjust and heal. Basically,  easy does it on the piercing site and don't  push it. Don't rush to change the earring either.

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