WWE Wrestling Moves

Looking for the best WWE wrestling moves? Nothing compares to the adrenaline rush of waiting on WWE superstars to execute their famous moves. The crowd goes wild and either cheers or jeers commence. These ten show-stopping moves are famous for electrifying the crowd and putting a smile on the face of fans.

  1. Tombstone The lights dim. The music becomes creepy and slow. The Dead Man himself has entered the ring. While his entrance is a thing of wonder and fright, the Undertaker's signature move is equally as memorable. This pile driver type move is always concluded by the Undertaker rolling his eyes back into his head and executing the pin in a corpse-like fashion. This fan-favorite is definitely one of the ten best WWE wrestling moves.
  2. Hogan Leg Drop This classic best WWE wrestling move begins with the Hulkster bouncing from rope to rope; he then delivers this move which promptly ends the match. Hulk Hogan’s theme music blasts as fans are prepared for this legends finishing move. The crushing leg drop has become a part of wrestling history. This icon move still draws the admiration of fans.
  3. The People’s Elbow The Rock has now gone onto movie endeavors, yet fans still remember the People’s Champion. This over the top superstar only took a break from “putting the smack down” to drop tTe People’s Elbow. The People’s Elbow electrified crowds all over the world, making it one of the best WWE wrestling moves.
  4. Mandible Claw aka Mr. Socko Mick Foley has always been a character who seemed to have stepped over the threshold of insanity. When he premiered as Cactus Jack, he wowed crowds with his ability to take and deliver punishment. This is why it was no surprise that his finishing move, the Mandible Claw, was so devastating to opponents. In Mick Foley fashion, the Mandible Claw took a disgusting turn when it reappeared as Mr. Socko.
  5. Walls of Jericho Chris Jericho has an amazing ability to get the crowd pumped, whether he is delivering a drop kick or applying his famous walls of Jericho submission maneuver. Once this move is applied, it is virtually impossible to escape without tapping out. This maneuver stands in wrestling history as one of the best WWE wrestling moves.
  6. Stone Cold Stunner Stone Cold Steve Austin delivers a kick to the midsection and then the Stone Cold stunner. This move essentially drives the opponent's head into his shoulder blade as he drops to the ring floor. He finishes the match with a cold beer and a few obscenities, making this one of the best WWE moves of all time.
  7. Ankle Lock Kurt Angle, the self-proclaimed “Olympic hero,” has a finishing move that looks downright painful. Upon finishing his opponent he applies this ankle lock. It appears to twist the ankle and cause a great deal of pain. While this move has been used by many others, Kurt Angle executes it best.
  8. 619 Rey Mysterio Jr., the little guy with a big heart, has a finishing move as flashy as his masks. The 619 seems to defy gravity as he swings both legs in a complete circle using only the rings. He has used this move to take down some of the biggest opponents in wrestling history. This flashy move is definitely one of the best WWE moves of all time.
  9. Sweet Chin Music This classic move involves wrestling icon Shawn Michaels landing a kick to the jaw of his opponents. Generally, opponents are knocked out for the remainder of the match once this move is executed. Throughout the years the “Boy Toy” has delivered this best WWE move to many unlucky opponents.
  10. Sharpshooter One of the most famous members of the famous Hart clan and a wrestling icon, Brett “The Hitman” Hart entertained crowds for years. This devastating move involves “The Hitman,” pulling both legs of his opponent back and crouching to apply pressure until his opponent submits.
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