Xbox 360 Repair Guide

Broken video game consoles are a frustrating thing to deal with, so try out this Xbox 360 repair guide the next time your console inevitably bites the dust. Being quite expensive devices, a broken Xbox 360 is not something you really want to replace unless you absolutely have to. This simple guide will explain some of the more common problems with the Xbox 360 and how to repair it. Most of the Xbox 360's errors are displayed on the front of the console in the form of the four quadrants on the power button. Different combinations represent different problems with the system.

  1. One red light, bottom right quadrant. This flashing quadrant represents a hardware failure. This can range from the DVD drive to a processor inside the system itself. This generally requires you to ship your Xbox 360 console back to Microsoft for repairs. If you believe it is something you can fix, you can open up the console and attempt to fix it. This is absolutely not recommended because it might be something you have no chance at fixing. This process also voids the warranty.
  2. Two red lights, top and bottom left quadrants. This color combination represents overheating. As with anything electronic, an Xbox 360 can get too hot and shut itself down if in danger of a hardware failure. Overheating is usually due to improper ventilation. Make sure your Xbox 360's vents are not blocked by anything. If it has adequate air flow and is still overheating, try moving the power supply brick to a more open area so it doesn't get too warm. The power bricks will often overheat early Xbox 360 models, so keep that monster out of small enclosed areas.
  3. Four red lights. Four red lights is what most people want to see when they are trying to repair their Xbox 360. This is just a general AV cable fault. Make sure your AV cables are securely plugged into both the Xbox 360 and the television. If both ends are secure, it could be a faulty cable. Go to your nearest electronic store and pick up a new one.
  4. Three red lights. This is the death rattle of the Xbox 360. This is a multiple hardware failure signal. Early Xbox 360 models had a very bad rate of three red ringing. There is honestly no good way to fix this besides sending it to Microsoft for repairs. Often it's a processor completely failing, which is beyond most people's abilities to fix. Fixing this issue will cost you about $100.
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