Xbox 360 Troubleshooting

Trust us, if you own an Xbox 360, you will need to know the Xbox 360 Troubleshooting steps. Usually, if there is an issue, it's something simple and easily repariable, but in some cases it can get more complicated. Xbox 360s are known for their software issues, and we have the steps to figure out what exactly is wrong with your pride and joy. Here are the steps you need to take when troubleshooting issues with your Xbox 360.

To troubleshoot your Xbox 360, you'll need:

  • Knowledge of where the power button is.
  • Possibly the serial number and information about your Xbox.
  • Knowledge of what wires go where.
  1. Reset the Xbox. To start out, we'll need to restart your Xbox just to see if it's a temporary issue. Sometimes things happen in the Xbox's software that cause it to malfunction at moments. Other times it can be a problem with your game disc. We'll move on to that issue in a sec so hold on tight, it's gonna be a bumpy ride! (Not really, this is actually really simple. That was just an attempt to spice things up a bit.)
  2. Clean your game disc. More often than not, the cause of an Xbox malfunctioning is something as simple as a dirty game disc. Take your disc out, clean it with a clean, soft cloth, and place it back in to where it belongs (Be gentle). Restart the Xbox, and wait for the game disc to load. If your game loads, and plays with ease, your problem was solved. Now it's time for the more annoying and critical issues.
  3. Look at the rings of the power button. This is when your problem gets a little more serious. If your Xbox is flashing three rings, then you most likely have a overheating issue with your Xbox, and will need to call Xbox technical support. If you have one ring in a single quadrant of the Xbox button, then you have an error known as the E74 error. 
  4. Look for error codes. Error codes are great because it tells the manufacturer exactly what is wrong with your console, in most cases. In the case of the E74 error, the technical support representative will tell you (Most of the time) that there is nothing they can do to fix the issue and that you will have to send the Xbox in for repair, or replacement.
  5. Send the console in for repair. When all hope is lost, there is only one other option. You will have to call Xbox Technical Support. The representative will go through these same steps with you, then most likely tell you that you have to send your console in for repair. When this happens, if you are under their 2-year, extended warranty, or any warranty, the repair is free. If not, the repair can cost you up to $100. In most cases, they will send you a replacement console instead of actually repairing your console and sending it back to you.



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