Xbox KOTOR Cheats

If you're looking for some really cool XBox "KOTOR" cheats, then this batch of hidden goodies may interest you. "KOTOR," aka "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic," is one of the most monumental video games on XBox and let alone one of the best 'Star Wars' games ever made. "KOTOR" is a quest-filled RPG game that is set within the Star Wars universe, long before the timeline of the movies. These XBox "KOTOR" cheats consist of some very helpful glitches and hidden secrets.

  1. Beat Any Boss Glitch. This XBox "KOTOR" cheat is an interesting glitch found in the game that allows you to take down any boss without sustaining any damage whatsoever. Simply attack the opponent any which way you choose and then pause the game. Now save the game and load it up again. Repeat this process until your opponent's health bar is completely diminished.
  2. Unlimited Lightsaber Crystals, Credits, and Jedi Robes. This XBox KOTOR cheat is a hidden secret which can be unlocked on the Korriban planet. Speak with Dak Vessar at the first tomb on the left with Juhani nearby. After he leaves for the cantina, take Juhani out of your group and talk to Dak again. You must tell him that you won't let him leave. Fight him, save the game, then load it up after he's dead. Repeat this for as long as you like to get unlimited lightsaber crystals, jedi robes, and credits.
  3. Duplicating Items with Zaalbar. This XBox "KOTOR" cheat is an interesting glitch that requires you to not have gone through with the Kashyyyk main mission just yet. First, take Zaalbar with you to Kashyyyk and equip whichever items you want copied along with him. Just before the gate to the Wookie village, save the game and remove all of Zaalbar's items. After the cut scene, complete the mission (light or dark side doesn't matter), and return Zaalbar back to your group. Now, every item you removed from him can be found in your inventory and on him as well.
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