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Although they are relative newcomers to the range of polymer framed pistols, you should learn about XD pistols by Springfield Armory if you are looking for a well built personal or home defense pistol. The XD (X-treme Duity) pistol is the descendant of the HS2000, a pistol developed for the Croatian army and police. The first XD pistol was marketed in 2001 after Springfield Armory completed negotiations with the European manufacturer. With a solid build and a light, polymer frame, XD pistols have competed effectively with Glock, Smith & Wesson, and other major producers. The XD pistol is solid and reliable enough for personal protection and accurate enough for many pistol shooting competitions. Stick around to learn about XD pistols to see if one is right for you.

  1. XD Service model This is an XD pistol with a four-inch barrel. There's a lot to learn about these XD pistols. The model comes in four calibers, 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, .45 ACP or .45 GAP. There are frame color choices in black, dark earth and OD Green. The slide comes in choices as well with a melonite finish or satin stainless steel. You can choose your sights as well, including the basic three-dot sites to night sights including Heinie Tritium Slant night sights or Trijicon night sights. There are even compensated models that reduce muzzle flip and models with a thumb safety included.
  2. XD compact model This is one of two XD pistols for the concealed carry crowd. This pistol has a four inch barrel, but a reduced grip frame, so it is less likely to protrude from a jacket or shirt when you are carrying it concealed. This model comes in many of the same configurations as the service model.
  3. XD subcompact model This is a second pistol heralded by those with concealed carry permits or who live in constitutional carry states. The gun has a reduced grip size like the XD compact, and it has a reduced barrel length to three inches. Like the other models, there are choices of frame, slide and other features.
  4. XD tactical model For competition shooters and anyone involved in law enforcement such as SWAT, the tactical model has the frame size of the service model and an extended barrel and slide length. The barrel is five inches, providing a longer sight radius, and thus, better accuracy. The pistol can also be purchased with the options indicated above that meet your particular needs.
  5. XDM pistols Springfield Armory further came out with a new line of XD pistols called XDM. These pistols have the added features of increased ergonomics in the grip frame, a full length guide rod, a match grade barrel, and does not require pulling the trigger to release the slide. The pistol is available in three sizes and three calibers.

All XD pistols come with some common features. They all have a trigger safety, so that the trigger must be depressed by a finger for the gun to fire. They also have a grip safety, a tang at the back of the pistol that must be depressed by the palm of a shooter for the trigger to be pulled. They also have a drop safety, a catch inside the pistol  that must be moved out of the way by completely depressing the trigger for the handgun to fire. At the back of the pistol is a cocked pistol indicator. When a silver pin protrudes, you know the firing pin is in place to fire. on the top of the pistol is a small lever that protrudes up when a round is in the chamber. The pistol also has an ergonomic grip frame that many find to beat other polymer framed pistols. With all of these safeties and indicators there are many ways a shooter can be aware of safety. Just don't forget the most important safety, yourself and your actions!

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