Xyy Syndrome

 XYY Syndrome is a syndrome in which males are born with an extra Y chromosome. Male children have a one in a thousand chance of being born with XYY Syndrome and it is a completely random occurrence. It is not an inherited disease but results from some random event during call division while the embryo is developing. It’s also known as Jacob’s Syndrome, XYY Karyotype, XYY Syndrome, or YY Syndrome.

Physical Symptoms  There are no real physical symptoms for XYY Syndrome aside, though many males who suffer from it may be taller then average. Some studies claim they also suffer from severe acne on a much higher basis then males without XYY Syndrome. So far no studies have noted a high rate of serious physical symptoms in males suffering from XYY Syndrome. Some cases of infertility have noted.

Dangers There are studies showing that a small number of males who suffer from XYY Syndrome may also suffer from an increased chance of developing learning disabilities and delayed development. There have been cases in which development of motor skills, weak muscle, involuntary movements, and in even fewer cases emotional and behavioral problems.

Treatment  There are no noted treatments for XYY Syndrome and many males who suffer from XYY Syndrome never know they have it. It is not something that is tested for at birth or during pregnancy normally as the test can cause problems with the pregnancy. The symptoms of XYY Syndrome can be treated individually but there is no treatment for the actual extra chromosome.

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