Yankees Best Logos

These are the Yankees best logos. Love them or hate them but the Yankees are arguably America's team and the most successful sports franchise ever. They have a history of spending more than any other team in major league baseball and have more players who have worn the Yankees logo than almost every other team in MLB.

  1. Cap Insignia – The best is the logo they wear currently on their hats. It is one of the most universally known logos in America whether you watch sports or not. This cap insignia features a large N with a Y going down right through the N. The N and the Y stand for New York. It might be simple but it is one of the best Yankee logos ever
  2. Shirt logo – The shirt logo is a red circle that is actually a baseball. Inside of the baseball is a baseball bat. On top of the end of the bat is a red and white striped top hat which is supposed to signify they are America's team. The last element of this best Yankees logo is the actual word Yankees written in cursive going through the baseball.
  3. Highlanders – Before they were called the Yankees they were actually called the New York Highlanders and had one of the best logos in team history. The highlanders logo is a half circle. On the bottom half is the word Highlanders going across and the top is just a typical circle. Inside this circle is a man with a grizzly beard who appears to be Scottish with a baseball bat in his hand. Why is this one of the best Yankee logos? Because this was their first. Yay for history.
  4. New Stadium Patch – When the Yankees closed the house Ruth built and opened up "New Yankee Stadium" they wore an inaugural patch on their sleeves. It was nothing fancy but it signified that they were letting go of the past and leaping into the future. It was very basic and was only worn for one season. It was a picture of the front of Yankee stadium along with the years that the old Yankee stadium was home of the Yanks. Those years were 1923 until 2009.

These are the best Yankee logos to ever be worn by a Yankees player. Some we like because of simplicity, others we like for the exact opposite reason, but they will all go down in Yankee history.




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