Year Round School Pros And Cons

If you are considering moving to an area with year round schooling, you should know the year round school pros and cons. There are many pros and few cons when it comes to year round schooling to keep in mind. Here are the more important pros and cons of a few different subjects .

  1. Budget. When looking at the year round school pros and cons, you're bound to notice extra money in the budget from all the summer school programs that will be cut. With school being an ongoing process, you have a chance to deal with all remediation issues with school already in progress. This cuts out pretty much all need for funding of extra help. The negative part of this year round schooling is the fact that the teachers might have to work more hours a year than what they normally do and money in the school systems are already tight enough.
  2. Length of Summer. The upside to the year round school pros and cons for length of summer is that it provides the students with an ongoing learning process. This makes it easier for the students to retain information and keeps students from wasting precious learning time on "refresher weeks." The downside of the year round school pros and cons is the fact that students from financially challenged households will find it difficult to have a summer job to earn up money to help pay for college.
  3. Social time. On the more positive side of the year round school pros and cons for social time is the great opportunity to develop bonds and learn how to work in a society of students constantly, just like how you have to deal with people constantly in the real world. The negative side of the year round school pros and cons for social time is this eliminates the opportunity to widen your horizons with new people at places like summer camps.
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