Yerba Mate Benefits

The benefits of Yerba Mate have utilized medicinally for centuries in South America and offer many health benefits. The leaves as well as the twigs are steeped in water to make the tea. You can also obtain the same benefits from Yerba Mate extract by taking it in pill form. However, as many healthful benefits as the herb can offer, it should only be used to enhance an already healthy lifestyle, and not used as a substitution for bad dietary habits and lack of exercise.

  1. Yerba Mate contains a long list of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The tea contains many vitamins, minerals and benefical plant sterols. The long list includes B vitamins and vitamin C, manganese, potassium and zinc. . The beneficial plant compounds are quercetin, theobromine and theophylline.
  2. Yerba Mate is a diuretic. The tea aids in reducing bloating and puffiness by eliminating excess water, resulting in a smoother, leaner appearance.
  3. Yerba Mate is rich in antioxidant chlorogenic acid. Studies have suggested that both sets of plant compounds have the potential to reduce risk for heart disease and cancer.
  4. Yerba Mate aids in the prevention of heart disease. Studies have suggested that yerba mate prevents the hardening and blockage of the arteries, thereby preventing heart attack and stroke.
  5. Yerba Mate contains fifteen amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of  bodily tissues and support many health functions. Yerba mate contains approximately half of the commonly known ones.
  6. Yerba Mate provides a buzz without “crash”. The tea has 80 milligrams of caffeine in a cup, which is twice the amount of black tea but less than coffee, which usually has 100 to 200 milligrams a cup.
  7. Yerba Mate is nutritionally superior than touted super-beverage “green tea.” The process of making Yerba Mate is more effective than green tea and red wine and produces higher amounts of polyphenols in the blood than either beverage.
  8. Yerba Mate can help you lose weight. A study in 2009 found that yerba mate may modulate the expression of several obesity-related genes and produced a powerful, fat loss effect.  Another study found that when Yerba Mate was combined with other herbs three times daily, significant weight loss occurred.
  9. Yerba Mate helps reduce bad breath. The high antioxidant and polyphenol content also helped reduced bacteria responsible for bad breath and reduced remaining. oral bacteria’s odor as well.
  10. Yerba Mate aids in digestion. Numerous benefits for digestion include promoting regular bowel movements, helping the intestines absorb nutrients more efficiently as well as soothing digestive problems in general.
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