Young Jeezy Quotes

Young Jeezy quotes are all about being honest and taking no prisoners. Jason Wayne Jenkins, aka Young Jeezy, comes from Columbia, South Carolina and comes from the group United Street Dopeboyz of America. He has had a number of hits and has been featured on many other songs with artists such as "I'm So Paid" by Akon and "Hard" by Rihanna.

  1. "I went from old school Chevys to drop top Porsches, You couldn't walk a mile off in my air forces." This quote comes from the song "Air Forces" by Young Jeezy. This song talks about coming from rags and climbing to riches. Not only is this path the story of American success, but it adds the grit of hip hop. This streetwise Cinderella story replaces a glass slipper with Air Force shoes.
  2. "Patty cake, patty cake, microwave. These suckas make a square, damn I'm paid." From the song "And Then What," this quote references childhood memories through a song where very adult issues come into play. As Young Jeezy exploits the critics of his career, he puts them down by minimizing their monetary value. The term "and then what…" is usually said when someone has named several reasons as to proving their points, because no one has any other points to add to an argument.
  3. "I don't get mad, I just get money." This quote is a play on the famous Ivanka Trump quote about getting what you deserve from a horrible situation; "Don't get mad, get everything." Young Jeezy's song "Bottom of the Map" talks about dominating the field you're in. For this quote, Young Jeezy tells his fans how to handle situations; not by anger but by business savy.



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