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The world of modeling puts out a constant supply of young models, female being the most of the two genders. Young female models are in the constant demand in the fashion and marketing world. It's essential for marketing and fashion departments to constantly be aware of which young models are the most sought after. Age is not the only deciding factor for a model to be booked, the most popular working young models will fill their books faster than amateurs.

  1. Barbara Palvin Born in Hungary, this beauty ranks No. 48 of the Top 50 Working Models. She brings a blank canvas-like beauty photographers love and a fresh, young energy that comes across in every frame. She has done campaigns for Chanel, Prada and others. 
  2. Tao Okamoto Tao was born in Japan but is making waves all over the world with her androgynous look. She's been photographed for multiple publications in the Vogue family and ranks No. 47 out the Top 50 Working Models. 
  3. Hailey Clauson Hailey is the quintessential, fresh faced American girl. She's worked with all the big names including Versace, Calvin Klein, Miu Miu and many others. Hailey ranks No. 45 among the Top 50 Working Models. 
  4. Julia Saner Born in Switzerland, Julia was winner of the 2009 Elite Model Look and since then has graced the pages of "W" magazine, "V" magazine, "Vogue" and others. She has walked for Chanel, Valentino, Jean Paul, Gaultier, Jason Wu and more. She was ranked No. 41 on the list of Top 50 Working Models.
  5. Anna de Rijk Born in the Netherlands, Anna started her circuit in the Europe fashion season and emerged a force to be reckoned with. She's worked on campaigns for Vera Wang, Chanel makeup and many more. She was ranked No. 34 among the Top 50 Working Models.
  6. Nimue Smit Nimue has the long limbs and classic lines of models since the beginning of modeling. She was born in the Netherlands and ranks No. 27 on the Top 50 Working Models list. She is filling her books with names like Giorgio Armani, Barney's and Mulberry.
  7. Arlenis Sosa Arlenis brings a beautiful, fresh face cosmetic companies dream of. Lacome has been among the companies using her in their 2011 campaign. Arlenis comes from the Dominican Republic and is traveling the world to work with Guess, Express and other top labels. She ranks No. 25 out of the Top 50 Working Models. 
  8. Sigrid Agren Sigrid is a young, fresh face from Martinique and offers the face angles and body shape designers love to work with. This combined with her experience working with some of the industries top names puts her in the No. 15 slot of the Top 50 Working Models. 
  9. Anna Jagodzinska Anna brings a unique European look from Poland and is sought after by designers everywhere. She's worked with Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford fragrances and Stella fragrances among many others. There's no question why Anna ranks No. 8 on the Top 50 Working Models list.
  10. Miranda Kerr Hailing from Australia, Miranda has caught the modeling world by storm and is truly a supermodel. Double hit covers from "GQ" and "ID" proved she was a force to be reckoned with. She ranks No. 6 on the Top 50 Working Models list.
  11. Natasha Poly After becoming a breakout success in previous seasons, Natasha is the face of Gucci and has worked with other top name designers. She is the must-book model of her time. Born in the Russian Federation, she brings classic European looks and puts her at No. 2 on the list of the Top 50 Working Models.
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