Yu Gi Oh Gx Tag Force Cheats

The Yu Gi Oh Gx Tag Force cheats are more like tweaks because it is a strategy card game. There are a few things you can do to buff up your deck but the game still forces players to grind it out. There are as many Yu Gi Oh Gx Tag Force cheats as there are cards in the deck but the developers used a sly trick to force you to keep playing duels. The cheats only work as rentals and the rentals will eat away all your precious DP. While the cheats are fun and let players play with rare cards they would never be able to win, the fun is fleeting. Listing every single card cheat is also useless because no one cares about the weak cards so this guide will show you how to play with the ultra rare stuff.

  1. Booster pack. This is one of the only Yu Gi Oh Gx Tag Force cheats that actually benefits you and your deck. Go to the card shop and log into the interface. Now use your control pad to input Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X and O. This will unlock a booster pack for your collection.
  2. DP. As players with skinny pitiful decks already know, DP (Duelist Points) is the lifeblood of the game. By far this is one of the best Yu Gi Oh Gx Tag Force cheats because it shows you how to keep a steady supply on hand. You will already need some decent cards to get this cheat going but once you pull it off you can keep getting more which makes the cheat even easier. Enter Free Duel mode and stack your deck with cards that take your opponents cards away. Use cards like Ookazi, Tremendous Fire, Hinotama, etc. Now set the LP (Life Points) to 2000 in the rules and when the game starts just keep dumping your cards until you crush your opponent. When you get decent at this strategy, play against Obelisk Blue Girl for huge DP bonuses.
  3. Rental cheats. The only Yu Gi Oh Gx Tag Force rental cheats worth listing are the ultra rare cards. Here are some you can rent to see how powerful they are. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon cheat code is 89631139. The Polymerization cheat code is 24094653. The Nightmare's Steelcage cheat code is 58775978. The Confiscation cheat code is 17375316. The Metamorphosis cheat code is 46411259. The Dark Hole cheat code is 53129443.

Tip: If you are missing any cards in Yu Gi Oh Gx Tag Force you can easily find them online. Or you can ask a ten year old boy with a Sony PSP.      

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