Zenith TV Troubleshooting: 5 Tips

If your TV is acting up, here are some Zenith TV troubleshooting five tips. It is important to know exactly what the TV is doing or not doing to get adequate troubleshooting tips. Here are a few things that can be tried to get your Zenith TV working properly again.

  1. Other electronic devices can sometimes cause interference. If something is being used that is normally not in use, a type of electronic device with high voltage or anything that requires quite a bit of electricity for example, know that this can be knocking the TV out of whack. It could also be that too many devices are plugged up to an outlet. Switch off the TV and power off and unplug anything in the vicinity of the TV, then wait at least ten seconds and switch the TV back on. If the TV seems to be working, then plug each electronic device one by one to see which one is the culprit.
  2. Check another TV channel or two and see if picture is the same on those channels. Go through the menu and see if anything has changed on the TV. Make sure the setting is correct if you have cable or satellite. If The TV is connected to a cable or satellite box, the wires may be the problem. If the Zenith is showing fuzzy or unclear images, check for loose wires that may need to be tightened. If the wires are too long, they may be producing a weak signal. If they seem worn, they may need to be replaced.

  3. If the picture is fine, the problem may be with the sound. Check another channel and see if there is sound. It may possibly be just that network channel. If there isn’t any sound on all the channels, make sure the audio cables are installed correctly. If there are external speakers connected to the Zenith TV, make sure they are pushed all the way in or disconnect the external speakers and only use the speaker from TV. Go to the menu and check the audio level for the speakers to make sure they are not on mute.

  4. If there is no picture or sound coming from your Zenith TV, check the channel the TV is set on. See if it’s set on channel 3 or 4, especially if it’s connected to a cable or satellite box. It needs to be set on the same channel as the box, or it will fail to function properly. Auto-tune the TV, using the Auto-program function. As the TV is flipping through the channels, pay attention to see if a channel becomes visible.

  5. Adjust the antenna if equipped with one and see if picture quality improves. If there is sound and no picture and you view a black box in the middle of the TV screen, the Zenith may be set on closed caption or text mode. Open the Captions-Text Menu and select Caption one. You may choose to have the close caption off. If the picture has two horizontal black bars, one on the bottom and one on top of the screen, the Aspect Ratio may not be set correctly. Go to the menu and select the "Correct Aspect Ratio" option. You can also use the ARC button, which will be located on the remote or directly on the TV, depending on the model.

These are five troubleshooting tips that may solve the problem with your Zenith TV. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert sometimes to diagnose the problem with the TV. Try these tips first before going to a professional where you may get charged an arm and a leg for a loose wire. If there are more than two devices plugged up to an outlet through an extension cord, know that that can be dangerous. Extension cords are for temporary use; a surge protector would be best.

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