Zombie Games For Ps3

The next time you’re feeling stressed, forego the yoga rituals and reach for a zombie game for the PS3. There’s no better way to relieve your frustrations than by mowing down hordes of undead. Most of these games feature multiplayer modes, so feel free to pull your stressed-out friends into the action.

  1. "Burn, Zombie, Burn." Here’s a downloadable treat in the form of a zombie game for PS3. Doublesix developed and published “Burn, Zombie, Burn,” which encourages you to ignite your undead opponents. A word of caution: like most creatures, zombies become frantic once they’re set ablaze. This zombie game features various modes, including Defend Daisy, which involves protecting your lady friend, and Timed mode, which pits you against the undead and a time limit.
  2. "Blood Drive." This zombie game for PS3 combines the car combat genre with plenty of undead action. You and three of your friends can choose from different vehicles to drive over desert terrain, which happens to be home to zombies. Unfortunately, for the zombies, you’re not driving ordinary cars. These cruisers are fitted with armor, spikes and guns. Not zombie should be able to stand up against your force, but it's best not to get overconfident behind the wheel.
  3. "Dead Nation." Housemarque, a Finnish video game company, developed this zombie game for PS3. Once you’re thrown into the middle of this zombie-infested world, you’ll need lots of ammo and an effective strategy to survive. This zombie game incorporates a top-down perspective and makes use of both joysticks on the PS3 controller. By customizing your armor and arsenal, you can turn your character into speed demon or a virtual tank. With these tools, you should be more than capable of surviving the zombie attack.
  4. "The Last Guy." In this zombie game for the PS3, you must guide hordes of survivors to safety from the threats of undead monsters. Here’s the catch—the hero is a cape-donning zombie with a love of humanity. The game features a top-down view of real-world cities, resulting in a unique visual experience. SCE Studios developed this zombie based game for PS3.
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