Zombie Tattoos For Guys

Zombie tattoos for guys often make a statement about the owner. Whether a lover of the macabre or a Sci-Fi movie fan, the tattoo lets viewers know that there is love for Zombies in this world.

  1. Zombie Cheerleader A zombie tattoo for guys who are not into those bubbly girls on the football sidelines. The dead looking cheerleader is also a good selection for the man who digs goth girls.
  2. "Night of the Living Dead" The classic movie makes a great zombie tattoo for guys. Pick a little girl eating her mother or a dead brother chasing his sister.
  3. Thriller Michael Jackson. A music based zombie tattoo for guys might be Michael Jackson in full make-up for his "Thriller" music video.
  4. "I Am Legend" The movie starring Will Smith offers up many characters for a zombie tattoo for guys. The light fearing creature's images might be tattooed in shades of gray, hidden in a doorway.
  5. Shopping Zombie The movie "Dawn of the Dead" may lend itself to a zombie tattoo for guys. In the flick, the zombies invade a shopping mall. Why not try a tattoo of a zombie buying some football equipment or a six pack of beer.
  6. "The Village" The creepy kids from this old Sci-Fi flick makes great zombie tattoo for guys. That blonde hair and blank stare alone gives a creepy feeling.
  7. "From Dusk til Dawn" This movie offers up plenty of ideas for zombie tattoo for guys. From the snake lady to the bandits, this flick has almost endless zombies to choose from.
  8. Zombie whore The movie "Bride of ReAnimator" involves the creation of a woman zombies from body parts of hookers. The lopsided lady lends itself as a zombie tattoo for guys.
  9. "Day of the Dead" The skeletal characters in this film offer a great zombie tattoo for guys. The smiling zombie from the official movie poster makes for an especially creepy creation.
  10. Zombie yourself The final idea for a zombie tattoo for guys is to take a picture of yourself and have an artist turn you into a zombie. This is perfect for the guy who never wants to see anyone else with the same tattoo.
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