Zoo World Cheats

"Zoo World" has become the only real competition for the mega-popular Farmville on Facebook, and everyone are looking for "Zoo World" cheats and exploits. There aren’t any real cheats, more like exploits to help the player get higher in rank, and a ton of money. These are the things that every good "Zoo World" zookeeper needs.

  1. Infinite Money: This exploit is really simple and really surprising that it actually works. Don’t be surprised if they soon fix this, so go forth and use this exploit as much as possible. First click the Visit Zoo screen, and click on the Ticket Booth to change the ticket prices. Just make the ticket price one step down from the price that is currently set. Click the OK button, when prompted to and suddenly the player will get exactly the amount of the current daily profit. Repeat this process over and over until the player has all the money that they want. This is one of the best "Zoo World" cheats that can be found.
  2. Firefox Reload Exploit: This exploit requires the player to use Firefox Mozilla, and use a free plugin that is easily available online. The plugin is called “Reload Every”, and can be used easily to gain money while the player isn’t even near their computer. Set the plugin to reload every ten minutes, and it will refresh the player’s browser every 10 minutes. Using this exploit allows the player to have a full "Zoo World" day without actually being around the computer to do anything. Simply adjust the ticket price, as described above this exploit, and the player can easily make mountains of cash, with minimal effort. This is a really nice add on to the "Zoo World" cheat described above.
  3. Collect the Herd Bonus: In "Zoo World", if a player has more than three of any animal they have a herd. In the game if the player feeds the herd of animals and a Herd Bonus will appear as a red heart that’s slightly larger than normal. When the player collects this, a bunch of smaller hearts will appear, and as long as the player can collect the hearts quickly enough, (before the bar in the upper right hand corner disappears) and can fill the bar completely before it disappears, the player will receive a bonus. There are many different bonuses available to the player, so try to get as quick as possible at grabbing all of those little red hearts, and soon the player will be able to get the grand prize of the Herd Bonuses. This is another useful "Zoo World" cheat, because the red hearts will give the player XP, and raise their levels very quickly.
  4. Unlimited Animals: In "Zoo World", and the world of "Zoo World" cheats, there are a series of animals that can be gifted to friends and they will also stay in the player’s inventory as well. Rhinos, Emperor Penguins, Otters, Bisons, Giraffes, Zebras, Flamingos, Siberian Tigers, African Elephants, Lions, Monkeys, Jaguars, Tree Frogs, Pot-bellied Pigs, Bonobos, Hippopotami, Tortoises, Giant Pandas, Polar Bears, Caribou, Camels, Rattlesnakes, Koalas, Gazelles, and Kangaroos. If the player gives these animals to friends, and other "Zoo World" zookeepers, the players XP will increase. This is a very useful "Zoo World" cheat.
  5. Join Groups: It may not seem like a "Zoo World" cheat, but one of the best way to increase the players levels, and gain XP, on top of being able to recruit "Zoo World" zookeepers, and having a group of friends to give gifts, and trade rare items and animals, is to join the big groups that exist on Facebook. There are some really “hardcore” fans of "Zoo World", and they will help the player as much as possible, because they also get something out of the relationship. XP, bonuses, and Rare items to name a few. If the player wants to gain some support for their new favorite web-based game, joining groups on Facebook is a great "Zoo World" cheat.
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