Just in time for to hit your lips before Summer truly starts heating up, champagne tastemakers Moët & Chandon have unveiled their first and only vintage of ice champagne, Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial. A blend of pinot noir, pinot meunier, and chardonnay, this champagne has a tropical blend of fruit and floral notes, and is intended to be consumed on the rocks. Not a bad alternative to your regular beer.

The French term for serving drinks on the rockes, piscine, applies to this flavorful wine, obviously, with its refreshing connotations when you translate it to the English “pool.” But, the uninitiated may scoff at drinking champagne (or wine) on the rocks. The fact is that it’s not an altogether uncommon practice for drinks that are especially flavorful or high in alcohol content. The cold of the cubes combined with the mild dilution they cause as the melt help to mute too-strong flavors while also refreshing on a particularly hot day at a particularly hot pool party.

Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial will be available at exclusive resorts this Summer, price TBD. Unless you know a guy.