With all the stuff you carry in your pockets, you need to simplify. Especially in regards to your phone. If you’re constantly grabbing your phone to answer calls and texts, you’re bound to accidentally lose something.

It’s time to consolidate. That’s why the iMojito, a wallet and iPhone case all in one, is the answer. When leaving your place before going out, you probably ask yourself two questions: “Do I have my phone?” and “Do I have my wallet?” Why not narrow that down to one question: “Do I have my phone-wallet?” It’s brilliant. Made of a durable polyurethane exterior, side pockets will carry all your cash and up to six credit cards (and if you own more than six, you probably shouldn’t be going out anyway). The wallet also serves as a screen-protector for your phone, and holds it in place safely with an elastic strap. Even better, when you get home you don’t even have to take your phone out–there’s a hole that allows you to charge your phone still in the wallet. Not sure where the “mojito” part comes from, but feel free to drink a few in celebration of this wise purchase. The iMojito is $35.00 and can be bought here.