There is a reason the large bull statue on Wallstreet has a set of nuts that are shiny gold. It turns out they have been rubbed millions of times over the years. It turns out one of the “Must Do” things to do if you are in New York is to go down to Wallstreet and “Molest the Bull”.

10. I call this one “Over the shoulder boulder holder”

9. No better way to chip a tooth than a mouthful of steel bull
balls to the mouth (trust me I know)

8. Ok, now turn your head and snort.

7. The world’s biggest teabagging.

6. Isn’t that just like a lady to kick a bull in the nuts when he’s
not looking.

5. She looks like she might have been in this situation before.

4. One friend is saying “These are nice” and the other is saying “I don’t
think I can eat all this”

3. If you took a picture from the other angle I’m sure the bull would
have a smile on his face.

2. Classic picture. No caption needed

1. This guy just went for it. He obviously hasn’t seen the other people putting their junk on the bull’s balls


Special Thanks to

Holy Taco