Another Sunday, another Packers win and Indy loss, and another look at the NFL‘s hottest cheerleaders. This weekend, they were bringing more support for breast cancer awareness month and just a pinch of Halloween spirit on the side. Hey, works for us.

blonde bengals cheerleader shakes her pom poms

Cincinnati Bengals Ben-Gal swears she’s not doing the chicken dance.


Meanwhile, this Ben-Gal shows just how flat her stomach is.


blonde buccaneers cheerleader shows off her sexy stomach

Though she may have competition from this Tampa Bay Bucs babe.

These Atlanta Falcons girls bring new meaning to the term “sports bra.”


patriots cheerleaders shake pom poms and smile

New England Patriots cheerleaders: hotter than we thought.


patriots cheerleaders look hot in halloween costumes


ravens cheerleaders show nice skirts in low angle photo

The Baltimore Ravens camera guy has a tough job.


redskins cheerleaders rock tight white outfits and pink pom poms

Ten bucks says these Washington Redskins cheerleaders are dancing to “Whip My Hair.”


redskins cheerleader shakes her pink pom poms

If she’s cheering, she must not be watching Rex Grossman.