I watched a guy do some origami the other day and was amazed at what could a simple piece of paper could be turned in to (see other post). I decided I like money much more so I prefer money origami. Here are some reasons why money origami is better. (I borrowed some of this from another site on the net and can’t find the link where I got it. Sorry protectors of all content as I am a thief and can not give credit to the original writer)

1. Paper money is always (well, sometimes) readily available especially at parties and in bars

2. It is already cut to shape.

3, The paper is of excellent quality for folding.

4. The rectangular shape of banknotes is a challenge for creative folding.

5. Folded money makes excellent tips.

6. Banknotes carry a printed pattern and words, so that it is a challenge to create a fold which makes use of the word and pattern in meaningful

7. People watching are simply amazed.

8. It allays boredom.

9. Bravado, especially if the banknote is of high value.

10. If a banknote is folded and given away, it presents the recipient with the exquisite dilemma of saving the fold and effectively losing the value of the money or of unfolding the model and losing the model itself.