If you were around to hear Earth, Wind & Fire’s acclaimed album Gratitude when it was first released in 1975, you might’ve listened to it on a pair of comically oversized headphones jacked into a tuner roughly the size of a coffee table. Fast forward a few decades and you can listen to the same album on a matchbox-sized storage drive through a pair of headphones no bigger than your earlobes. What’s more, those headphones—the Monster Gratitude In-Ear Headphones ($230)—are going to deliver better sound than just about any equally-priced over-ear headphones on the market.

Outfitted with sound-isolating tips and a retro gold-plate paint job, the Gratitudes offer crisp harmonics designed to mimic the sensation of hearing live music. A heavyweight tangle-proof cord and in-line mic and volume control only serve to sweeten the deal. Pick up a pair at Monster.