To build enthusiasm for the World Cub and diamonds – two things you would think did that just fine by themselves – South African diamond impresario Yai Shimansky has conceived and commissioned the world’s first (and certainly most expensive) diamond-encrusted soccer ball. The Financial Mail reports:

"It took about three months from conception of design to manufacture of the first crystal soccer ball," says Michele Meyer, Marketing manager for Shimansky.

She adds: This has not been done before. It is totally Yair Shimansky’s idea to get enthusiasm for the world cup and do something from a jewelers’’ perspective to commemorate the event in SA. If you see the replica it is quite mesmerizing, you can stand and watch it forever."

If you want to buy the bauble for your favorite baller, it’s going to cost you. The estimated cost for the as yet unfinished ball is 20 million rand, which is about 2.6 million U.S. Dollars. Start saving. It’s important to have goooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaals.