The 2011 Jet Ski Ultra 300X by Kawasaki is a dangerously powerful water rocket that almost dares you to hurt yourself. It’s the latest iteration of the proprietary Jet Ski line from Kawasake, and it’s the most powerful one they’ve ever made. Terrifying.

Under its vented hood is a 300 horsepower, 1,498cc inline four DOHC engine mounted atop a deep-V hull to provide the necessary stability and control when you’re rocketing across the water at breakneck speeds.

Another important addition to the design includes an all-new supercharger boosting the engine’s performance to a thus far unreached level. They’ve also revamped the way the Electronic Throttle Valve system works to include different modes of operation. There’s Smart Learning Operation mode for new riders not used to the machine’s power – basically a dialed down throttle so they don’t get bucked off. The different modes are cleverly activated through the use of different keys. Plug in your key and the Ride automatically is tuned to your riding style. Takes a little bit of the pressure off, but not too much so that it’s not scary fun.  Check it out at Kawasaki.