2008 was a year of change.  Financial markets crumbled, a new president was elected, and the Patriots didn’t have a good season.  Luckily, one thing remained consistent: babes are still hot.  With that in mind, the Chickipedia team has painstakingly analyzed our site statistics using state-of-the-art, futuristic computer machines, and we’ve compiled a list of the most searched-for babes of the past year.  Here are the Most Wanted Chicks of 2008:


 Britney’s had a rough couple of years, but 2008 ushered in a dramatic turn-around in her public image.  After a painfully drunken lip-sync performance at last year’s VMA’s, Britney’s PR team performed a massive overhaul, and the world witnessed the re-birth of the Britney Spears we once knew; a pure, well-groomed, frequently bathed, startlingly hot babe.  Granted, she’s still lip-syncing performances, but hopefully this new, sane Britney will stick around for a while, because watching a hot girl shake her goodies in a sexy outfit is much more fun when you don’t have to worry that she might freak out and hit you with a lamp. 




Jessica gave us what we all wanted in 2008: another legitimate reason to hate Justin Timberlake.  Jessica and Justin began dating earlier this year, shortly before we spent a week crying and trying to find another hot babe to have a crush on.  Luckily, there are a lot of fish in the sea of celebrity babes, but Jessica will always hold a special place in our hearts…the same spot that Cameron Diaz held before JT stole her away from us, and the same place that the young, innocent Britney Spears held before JT took her away.  Come to think of it, JT has pretty much taken all of our hot fantasy girlfriends away from us.  What a jerk.



Scarlett has popped up on a number of our Chickipedia Lists this year, and we don’t mind a bit.  What we do mind, though, is that she was married earlier this year to that Van Wilder guy, who totally Timberlaked our favorite busty babe from us.  Aside from marrying some D-bag who’s not nearly as cool (or jealous) as we are, Scarlett starred in some huge films this year, including The Other Boleyn Girl, Woody Allen’s Vicky Christina Barcelona, and, most recently,  Frank Miller’s The Spirit.  While Scarlett’s career as a leading lady was already well-solidified before 2008, this year ushered in a public reassurance that her consistent talent and remarkable hotness are here to stay for a while, and that’s just fine with us.



2008 was a good year for Angelina.  She lent her voice to the hit animated feature Kung Fu Panda, and starred in the most ridiculously awesome (or awesomely ridiculous) movie of the year, Wanted.  Aside from that, she adopted 28 more children from impoverished, third-world countries, and gave birth to twins of her own.  She’s also proven herself to be the most babelicious pregnant woman in the history of pregnant women.  There aren’t many women who can pull of being hot with 12 pounds of baby in their bellies, so kudos to Angelina for pulling it off with flying colors.



Keeley is one of a handful of sex tape babes who came in to the public eye when a private home video was leaked on the internet.  Keeley’s been England’s most popular model and tabloid centerfold for a few years now, but in early 2008, she signed a modeling deal with England’s Nuts Magazine, and has graced the magazines pages frequently since.  Now Keeley’s pictures are prevalent and easy to find on the internet, and that has made us very, very happy.  Keeley’s only 22 years old, so she’s got a whole career of standing around and looking super-hot ahead of her.  The future looks bright.



As the most recognized adult film star in history, it’s no suprise that Jenna is a topic of intrigue.  Jenna has worked hard to redefine herself as more than a pornstar, though.  She’s used her icon status to delve into the porn business as more than a sexy starlette.  Jenna has established herself as a producer and director of adult films, and has developed a multimedia brand that spans all aspects of the sex industry, from porn to lingerie.  In early 2008, Jenna announced her retirement from porn, stating that she won’t be having sex on camera again.  However, she has continued to remain active behind the scenes, so she’ll be around for a while.  In the meantime, you can (and do) probably find her entire portfolio online and at your local dirty movie outlet, so have at it.


Pamela has been a sex symbol for nearly 20 years, so its no suprise that people think she’s super hot.  Over the past few years, she managed to fall off the radar a little, staying out of the limelight to focus on raising her children.  Nonetheless, the public has stayed well-informed of her numerous marriages and divorces over the past few years, including her most recent marriage to and divorce from Rick Salomon in February of 2008.  Pam’s making a comeback though.  Her own reality show, Pam: Girl on the Loose, debuted in August.  Like everything that Pam does, it’s not very good, but nobody cares.  They’re not watching for quality television anyway.


Kim has been riding the reality television wave for a few years now.  In 2008, she was a featured contestant on Dancing With The Stars.  She was the third contestant voted off, and views dropped 8000% the next week.  If only they’d had the booty-shaking contest earlier in the season.  Kim also dove into the world of film in 2008 with a role in Disaster Movie, which was terrible.  Nonetheless, Kim proved that she could memorize lines and deliver them in a semi-believable fashion, which is really more than any of us could ever ask for from her.


Jessica (a.k.a. "The Only Reason to Watch the Fantastic 4 Movies") is consistently one of the world’s favorite babes.  A well-established film and television actor since 2002, Jessica continued to give men a reason to see movies in 2008.  She starred in her first horror movie, The Eye, earlier this year, and co-stared in The Love Guru with Mike Myers, who proved that, while people are sick of Austin Powers, he can change the formula slightly and make the same movie again.  Jessica also got married in May and gave birth to her first child in June of 2008.  Nice, Jessica.  Nice.


 Oh, Megan Fox.  Is there anyone who deserves to be #1 on every list we ever write more than you?  In regards to 2008, the answer is "Megan Fox, you’re incredibly hot."  See? She’s so hot that we can’t even answer our own rhetorical question.  Megan’s breakout year was 2007, thanks to her role in Transformers, in which she had about three lines.  In 2008, though, Megan showed the world her human side.  We learned through a series of interviews that the sharp-tongued, quick-witted Megan is a comic book nerd, a sex addict, had a crush on a stripper once, hates Disney, doesn’t think she’s hot at all, and feels that grabbing her boyfriends penis in public is a normal thing.  We’re standing by our original theory that she’s some kind of cybernetic organism from the future sent to eventually destroy mankind, because this chick is too perfect to be real.  On top of all this, her bonerific GQ spread in October solidified her position as the absolute hottest babe in Hollywood, hands down.  She’s not going anywhere, either.  Watch for her in Transformers 2 and Jennifer’s Body in 2009, where she’ll be playing a cannibal killer cheerleader.  Perfect.

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