In the realm of Chickipedia searches and profile pages, Megan Fox continues to reign supreme as the once (and almost certainly future) Queen of the Hotties. Her shining, almost celestial hotness ensures that Transformers 2 will make hundreds of millions of dollars with no script whatsoever. She deserves to be at the top.

However, we’d like to switch up the Most Wanted list for January a little bit by focusing on the talents and traits of a newcomer to the list named Odette Yustman. Case studies of one beauty allow us to make valuable connections and observations about so many other lovely ladies on the list. This little site is all about science and understanding, of course. This may not be the most in-depth analysis of the Most Wanted list, but we’ll be sure to probe even deeper in the future.

1. She Has a Unique Name

The sweet, antebellum twang of her first name belies her So-Cal heritage. Yustman, however, suggests the varied heritage and experience that she has. Her mother, is Cuban, and her father, Victor Yustman, who is of Italian and French descent, was born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Nicaragua. All of this really just makes her name perfectly suited for mispronunciation in an awkward comment by your dad whenever she appears on TV: "Hey, it’s that Joanna Bustman lady. Beretta Lustman? I don’t know, but she sure has some assets, eh son?" Here’s a few other Most Wanted’s who are as hot as their names are mispronouncable:

Zooey Deschanel

Keeley Hazell

Rhona Mitra

2. She’s a Horror Movie Star

If a female is eye-poppingly hot and can scream convincingly at CGI monster, chances are pretty good that she’ll be able to make an appearance in a Hollywood movie. You cannot, however, get much work if you’re willing to get screamed at by Christian Bale. Odette made a very nice impression in the mysterious, cinematic-blue-balls-inducing Cloverfield, which lead to her recent and first starring role in The Unborn. A few of the many women on The List to be attacked by fake monsters/killers/aliens are…

Meagan Good (co-star in The Unborn)

Paris Hilton (House of Wax)

Fergie (her "no-brainer" in Grindhouse is an instant classic)

3. She Started Acting Early

Like many of the other women on the List, Odette is an actress who flourished as an actress at a very young age. She worked on dynamic, smash hit of a film when she was only five years old; that film was…Kindergarten Cop. Alright, so maybe she just realized how much fun acting was and decided to pursue it. She claims that she and the other kids on the set used to bang on Arnold’s trailer and run away when he came out–until, that is, Arnold caught one of the kids and crushed him with his biceps. They are definitely, definitely not toom-ahs.

Many, many of the Most Wanted worked in the entertainment biz when they were kids…

Amanda Bynes

Jennifer Connelly

Sarah Chalke

4. She Voiced a Video Game Character

Odette voiced the character of Amata in the recent smash-hit PS3 game Fallout 3. The game itself is pretty kick-ass, but it suddenly just ratched up another nerdy rung merely by Odette’s sexy association. Surprisingly, of all the other angel-voiced ladies on this month’s List, the only other woman we could find that had an immediate and substantial connection with a video game voice was the devastatingly hot Eliza Dushku, who voiced a character in Saints Row 2.

Thanks for reading this ode to Odette, and for the rest of January’s Most Wanted, follow the link here and click on "’s Top 100 Most Wanted Women."

by Tyler V