Here’s a quick heads up: May 9th is Mother’s Day. Write it down now so you don’t forget, again. Let’s try to avoid remembering at 9pm and then deciding between making a shameful call home, or creating a shameless reason the next day why you were unable to thank your mom for giving you life. In fact, why not surprise the crap out of her this year and buy a gift? We know moms can be tough to shop for, but that is no reason to just send a card. She changed your diapers, after all. Show dear old mom how you love her by spending some money. Here are some surefire gifts to make her happy.

Edible Arrangements

We are not going to say you shouldn’t send flowers, but if you want something a little different this year, consider sending an edible fruit bouquet. Made up of melon, pineapple, grapes, and strawberries, this is sure to be the healthiest gift mom receives. Its not just a bowl of fruit, either. The fruit really is cut and arranged in the appearance of a bunch of flowers, so it feels more like a thoughtful gift, not a hint too lose some weight.

Fancy Dinner

Remember all those years your mother slaved away in the kitchen, packing your lunches and making you dinners? If you don’t, just ask her, she’ll remind you. How about you repay the favor this weekend. If you have any culinary skills, a homecooked meal will mean a lot to mom. Even if you don’t know the difference between a pot and a pan, the thought and effort will still impress her. However, if you’re the type of guy that prefers paying people to do this kind of work, you can’t go wrong taking mom out for a meal. A brunch is traditional, but you can avoid the crowds going to dinner the evening before. Making it a Mother’s weekend can only help her overlook all the years you skimped.

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A Good Book

Your mom is a woman, and thus likes Oprah. It’s science. For a simple gift to let her know you are thinking of her, consider sending a book or three. Let Oprah act as your librarian and peruse through her list of “16 Books for Mother’s Day.” How convenient, you don’t even have to work that hard for this one. Books are great because they’ll make her think of you over and over again, every time she picks it up to read. Hopefully Oprah doesn’t lead you astray and recommend a book your mom end up hating; then the lasting memory stuff isn’t so powerful.

Spa Day

Something all mothers can use is a day off. A trip to the spa is a gift that has never been turned down or falsely appreciated by any woman, ever. Find a place local to your mom and inquire about a package deal. They’ll have plenty to choose from, so select an option that will consume your mom for an entire day. A long time to be at the spa, we know, but after a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and a bunch of strange skin work, the day is just gone. The pampered life is exhausting, but your mother will have to put up with it.

Birth Stone

If mom is into all that glitters, give her something shiny she’ll remember you by, your birth stone. A birth stone is a precious gem linked to the month in which you were born. If you just celebrated aging last month, this is an expensive gift as April’s stone is diamond. Split the cost with your siblings and choose a necklace or bracelet that holds precious rocks representing you all. Now mom can flaunt her bling guilt free.

Surprise Visit

We all know, what mom really wants is to see you. We can’t understand how she misses you so much, but it is clear that she does. First, make sure she is going to be in town, and then book a trip home. Get creative with it. Have dad bring mom to brunch, only to have her find you waiting in line at the meat carving station. Or give a call home and suggest your mom checks outside for her flowers, where you of course will be waiting. If mom has a heart condition, maybe drop a hint there’s a chance you might make it home.