Just like some of the slow growth companies they cover, Motley Fool is slowing into an old traveling salesman. You can’t go to any part of their site without them hawking you for your email or trying to sell you some report of “hidden gems” or stocks that will triple this week. I’m tired of it. As always there is something that sets me off to write in my blog about a particular subject. This is the article that did it for me. Is that the best news they have to write about? It’s not the fact that it’s negative, it’s just such a useless article. Despite the fact that the lawsuits are ridiculous, there is no reason to waste my time with that garbage. The only thing worse than frivolous lawsuits are the media firms that publicize them. Then Fool has the audacity to title it to make it sound like it terrible. They have done a good job over the years. They made it through the internet boom, have written successful books, picked some good stocks but their schtick is growing old. Time to find a fresh new site to peruse each day.