Every day here at Made Man, we seek to publish content that not only excites and entertains you, but also informs and inspires you to look at the world in new ways and live a fuller, better life. And with that mission in mind, we are proud to announce our upcoming Men of the Moment program in partnership with Acer.

The main event is an opportunity to honor guys who’ve really made a mark on our planet over the past year. In their chosen fields, these 2012 Men of the Moment have blazed bold new trails across the modern landscape, and we’ll be introducing you to them through exclusive, in-depth video interviews.

But that’s not all Men of the Moment is. It’s also a chance to reflect a bit on what it means to be a man in 2012. So we’ll also be featuring essays from renowned writers exploring various aspects of manhood. We’ll be publishing advice on things a man should know how to do and notable quotes from upstanding fellas we’ve spoken with in the past. And we’ll be celebrating additional distinguished gentleman through Q&As and one-of-a-kind galleries.

So while you’re stroking your young Movember moustache and reflecting on a great and tumultuous year, keep an eye on the site for more Men of the Moment content. It’s gonna be compelling stuff, we promise.