Possibly nothing is grander and more magnificent than a well-groomed moustache. And with Movember in full swing, aspiring young gentlemen everywhere are growing their first crumb-dusters and discovering the nuances of their maintenance.

If you happen to be one of these youthful mustachioed gents, never fear! With a little moustache wax and some savvy styling, you’ll be looking like an old-timey bare-knuckle boxer in no time flat.

Choosing Your Wax

Your first step, of course, should be to purchase a decent wax. You’ll want to find a wax that will make your ‘stache firm yet yielding and stiff yet malleable. The wax should also have plenty of holding power. There are a few excellent brands on the market that meet these criteria, including The Devil’s Choice by Boston Beard Works and Oregon Wild Hair, among others.

If you’re particularly industrious, you can also make your own moustache wax out of equal parts beeswax and petroleum jelly. It’s what Ron Swanson would do. That is, if he were to use wax.

Warming the Wax Up

The next step in grooming your moustache is warming the wax so it’s easy to apply. There are a few different ways to go about doing this; it doesn’t really require much heat, but you also don’t want to warm it up too much. Briefly use a hair dryer set to low heat or set it on your house’s heating vent to soften it up. You can also run the canister under warm water or vigorously rub the canister with your hands to heat it up as well. The latter method is ideal for touching it up throughout the day as well.

Scooping the Wax Out

Now that the wax is warm and soft, you should be able to scoop some out with the back of your fingernail. You can also use the corner of a comb or some other improvised item (the edge of a comb, a matchbook cover, etc) to scrape out the wax. The important part is to scoop out two small and evenly sized balls of wax. Use your thumb and forefinger to roll the wax into fairly small, pea-sized balls.

Applying the Wax and Styling Your ‘Stache

Take one of the wax balls and massage it into one side of your facial fur. Do this in a circular fashion, going all the way around, and continue until you feel that it’s adequately melted into your whiskers, coating them sufficiently. Start in the middle and work your way down, trying to get adequate coverage. Then lightly twist the end toward your cheek. Repeat this with the second ball, applying to the other side of your snot catcher.

To avoid clumping or visible residue, make sure you don’t use too much product at once. Even if you have a giant, thick mustache, your best bet is to apply in small amounts until you’ve achieved the right amount of hold. If you’re using the right amount of wax, it should be translucent and able to achieve a good hold without crusting up or causing discoloration.

So there you have it — a complete gentleman’s guide to properly using moustache wax. Take these steps, commit them to heart, and you’ll look like a serious ‘stache-sporter with very little effort.