Movember may be over, but it sure went out with a bang! Here’s a roundup of some of the best pics from Movember Gala Partés across the land. Enjoy the pageantry, see more great Movember shots here, and remember: it’s never too soon to start thinking about your get-up for next year.


Hendrix gets bonus points for the historically accurate upside-down guitar.


This excellently executed Monopoly Man can pass GO anytime he wants.


Just in case you forgot what the slogan for Movember 2013 was.


Mark our words: the fanny pack is back!


Some costume ideas never get old.


The lovely ladies of the Movember staff show that you don’t need a mo to rock a killer get-up.


This photo is best viewed with some theme music.


Don’t stop him now, he’s having such a good time, he’s having a ball!


Ah yes, the woodgrain frame. Believe that was Topps ’87. Well played, boys.


Disagree with the judges at your own peril.


To this we can only say, “Sweet mo, Bro.”


A jockey jumps for joy. Or maybe those tight green pants are freakin’ him out.


What’s a gala parté without mo-sic?


We really hope he didn’t shave when it was over. Because that mo is tight.